Austin Healey Sprite

Austin Healey got started around 1952, by two companies Austin, and Donald Healey. Austin Healey around the mid 1950s sold the 100-4, and the 100-6, they were both two door roadsters, which were popular at that time. Austin boss Leonard Lard, and Austin Healey chief Donald Healey got together on an idea for an inexpensive, awesome sports car that would sell in America and Europe. The outcome of that was the Austin Healey Sprite. The Sprite launched in 1958, with the Austin A series inline four cylinder engine that gave the Sprite about 43hp. The Sprite had a four speed manual transmission, and twin SU carburetors. The engine hood was a clamshell style unit, with fixed headlight which lead to it being called the Bugeye in U.S. markets and “Frogeye” in the U.K. region. 0-60 took around 20 seconds, and the top speed was barely over 80mph. The Sprite was a great little sports car! Austin Healey also made the Sprite II, the Sprite III, and the Sprite IV. The Sprite III was may favorite.

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