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Updated: Dec 15, 2021

The Story of the Machiavelli Max!

This isn’t a Ferrari, nor is it a kit car. This is a Machiavelli Max. The Machiavelli Max is an American sports car built by Henderson Motor Corporation. Machiavelli used the Pontiac Trans Am‘s WS6 V8 engine, and Pontiac‘s chassis. They modified a few things, like the suspension, and they added more high performance parts. The Max came with a 4 speed automatic, a walnut dashboard, and Ferrari replica wheels. Henderson Motors then designed a body for the car based on Ferrari’s highly popular 308. If it couldn’t get any worse, Machiavelli used Ferrari Bumpers, Ferrari air intakes, and Ferrari brand vents. The Machiavelli was often seen with Ferrari badges too. Did Machiavelli really believe they could get away with this? This is a factory production car that looks exactly like the Ferrari 308, while using actual Ferrari products! Making this car a brand new Ferrari rip off for $35,000. (Which is quite a lot for a redesigned Pontiac.)

However, this car is more special than I might make it sound. Only 12 were ever made! Making it a very rare car. Why were only 12 made? Ferrari noticed. Shortly after Machiavelli started producing the Max, Ferrari got the revenge they wanted, a lawsuit! Ferrari sued Henderson Motor Corporation, and they were demanded to stop building the Machiavelli Max. Ferrari put an end to their copy cat.

Machiavelli’s failed attempt to fake Italian design, proves that it’s nearly impossible to replicate true automotive art. Next time you see a Ferrari driving down the road, give it a closer look, it might just be a fake.

Fun fact: Philip Michael Thomas (Tubbs) drove one of these in an episode of Miami Vice. Philip Thomas was also a share holder in the company.

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