Demon vs Demon

Everyone knows the Dodge Challenger Demon, but what about the Dart? The Dodge Dart Demon 340 was made in 1971, and it was not just another trim level for the Dart. It was originally badged as the Beaver, but it was soon changed to the Demon. The name Demon upset some people and stirred up some controversy with several religious groups, which started pressuring Dodge to change the name, but dodge refused and continued with the name Demon. The Demon had a 275hp 340ci engine, that gave the Demon’s competitors a run for their money. The Demon came with either a 198ci slant six or a 340ci v8. In 1972 the Demon‘s 340ci V8 was detuned due to government emission regulations. Because of the not so popular name in the first place caused the Demon to have much trouble at the end of the 1972 model year. By 1973 there wasn’t a Demon.

Now let’s talk about the very popular Dodge Challenger Demon, the Challenger Demon was released in 2018, with 840hp, a 0-60mph time of 2.1 seconds, a 0-200mph time of 55 seconds, and a top speed of 203 mph. The Dodge Challenger Demon is honestly a scary car, it can go 0-200mph in less than a minute! The Demon fits it‘s name very well, it is after all a production drag car. The Challenger Demon is a record breaking car, with a V8 that sounds like a siren! The Dart Demon is like a baby bunny compared to the Challenger Demon, then again the Dart is from the 70s. Sadly the Challenger Demon does not have a manual transmission option, but it is still an incredible car. I’m not sure how Dodge’s competition are gonna top the Demon, but I can’t wait to seem them try. Both the Dart Demon and the Challenger Demon are awesome cars, and Dodge makes some pretty cool cars.

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