Every Generation of the Chevrolet Camaro

1st Generation Camaro (1967-1969)

It took almost 3 years to build a car to beat the Mustang, but Chevrolet did it. The 1st generation Camaro was made to beat the Mustang. It had bigger engine options and more trim options than the Mustang. The Camaro was faster and looked better at its release. The 1st Generation Camaro only lasted 3 years, but it was great. In 1969 the Camaro got the ZL1 model, which made an insane 430 horse power.

2nd Generation Camaro (1970-1981)

Chevrolet redesigned the exterior, it was longer and wider. I really don’t like the split bumper Camaro. The 2nd Generation Camaro didn’t come in convertible, and the Z28 wasn’t as fast and exciting as the original. In 1974 federal bumper regulations meant the nose and tail of the Camaro had to be redesigned. GM engineers have said that the second generation is much more of “a driver’s car” than the original. The Oil Crisis hit the Camaro hard, the sales were very low and the Camaro was very slow. In 1978 the Camaro sales picked up, and it sold almost 100,000 more units than the Mustang. The 2nd Generation wasn’t the best for the Camaro, but many manufacturers struggled in the 1970s.

The 3rd Generation Camaro (1982-1992)

The 3rd Generation Camaro looked very different from past models. The front grills disappeared completely. The car was definitely wider, but it was actually 500 pounds lighter. It was also the first Camaro to offer fuel injected engines. There was one thing about the 1982 Camaro, the Iron Duke. The Iron Duke was GM’s worst engine of all time, it was extremely slow and it was mostly made for Pontiacs and it was definitely a mistake putting it in the Camaro. The 1982 Camaro made a disappointing 90hp. In 1987 a convertible body style was offered as a special edition, which hadn’t been the case since 1969. The 3rd generation Camaro was the first Camaro ever to be a hatchback. In 1985 the Camaro had a trim model for the Z28 called the Iroc Z. The Iroc Z is the Camaro that thinks it’s a Corvette, It stood for the International Race Of Champions and the Z stood for nothing.

The 4th Generation Camaro (1992-2002)

The 4th generation Camaro, commonly known as the “Catfish Camaro” had a wider and sleeker front end. This Camaro looks very different from the 3rd Generation Camaro, it had more curves and it wasn’t as boxy as the past Camaros. The 4th Generation Camaro had many engine options, with the best being the LS1 V8 making around 330 hp. It only lasted 10 years before the Camaro was discontinued because of low sales.

5th Generation Camaro (2010-2015)

The 5th generation Camaro came back after being off the market since 2002. Chevrolet pulled something Incredible with this Camaro, they made a 2 hour long commercial called Transformers. Now when people see a yellow 5th generation Camaro with black stripes they think of Bumblebee. This Camaro was very loved, and not only because of Transformers. The 5th gen Camaro looked way better than last generations, it looked like the original. It even had an LS. The 2014 Camaro reintroduced the Z28 model from the first generation, which had a 7.0 liter V8 engine that made around 505 horsepower.

The 6th Generation Camaro (2016- Present)

The 2016 year offered LT and SS models for the Camaro. For the 2017 model year a performance ZL1 model offered a LT4 supercharged V8 with 650 horsepower. The 6th Generation won Motor Trend’s Car of the Year award for 2016. For 2019 Chevy gave the Camaro a few changes, it had a updated front, new safety equipment, and updated headlights and taillight. For 2020 Chevy updated the exterior again because of the hate that the 2019 update got. The 2021 Camaro is primarily for those who love to drive.

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Catfish Camaro it really does look like a catfish

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