Every generation of the Ford Mustang

1st Generation Mustang (1965-1973)

The first generation Mustang is just a beautiful car. The first generation Mustang is not fast or powerful, but it’s what people want. It’s comfortable, it’s a smoother ride, it looks good. This little car heavily impacted the automotive industry, it‘s an American icon. Almost 60 years later this car is still being made and loved.

2nd Generation Mustang (Mustang II)


The 2nd Generation was looking good as it was being put together, Lee Iacocca wanted it to be a small lightweight car. What he got was a small sluggish heavy 2 door car, and that’s all because of the new emission and safety regulations. Most car manufacturers struggled in the 70s, muscle cars were really close to being killed off entirely. The Mustang was close to being another failure due to the oil crisis. It took a long time for cars to catch up to start making real horsepower again.

3rd Generation Mustang (Foxbody Mustang) (1979-1993)

The 3rd Generation Mustang, commonly know as the fox body mustang because of Ford’s new Fox platform. People really like this Mustang. It was pretty fast, and it had a good amount of torque and it sold very well. This Mustang was built with the cheapest of plastic. The best part about the Foxbody Mustang was that it was all about the engine, everything else was kinda just on the side. The Foxbody Mustang is a common choice of tuner car because of its low cost and its platform. It’s wasn’t the worst Mustang, but it was very close to being the worst mustang. Ford had plans to make a Japanese designed front wheel drive Mustang without a V8, but that ended up becoming the Ford Probe.

4th Generation Mustang (SN-95) (1994-2004)

The 4th Generation Mustang had a V8 making around 260hp. This Mustang still had a Fox platform, it was just updated a bit. Ford‘s new edge styling was introduced and applied to this Mustang. This Mustang was a major redesign, it has retro styling with sharper lines. The 1994 Mustang GT won Motor Trend’s car of the year.

5th Generation Mustang (S-197) (2005-2014)

This is when the Mustang really became a Mustang again. Ford did the Mustang wrong for so long, and with the 5th Gen they did the Mustang right. The 5th Generation Mustang committed even more to the retro styling of the earlier models. It looked good, it looked muscular, it looked Mustang. It came with either a 4.0 liter V6, a 4.6 liter V8, or a 5.4 liter supercharged V8. This Mustang really looks good.

6th Generation Mustang (S550) (2015- Present)

The design of the 6th Gen Mustang was more futuristic, and European. This Mustang had fully independent rear suspension. This Mustang lacked the retro design that past Mustangs had, it was also the first Mustang to be sold globally. Four main engines became available, a 310hp 2.3 liter Ecoboost turbocharged inline four, a 300hp 3.7 liter Cyclone V6, a 435hp 5.0 liter Coyote V8, and a 5.2 liter Voodoo V8.

Which Mustang is your favorite? My favorite is the 1969 boss 302 Mustang.

Got any suggestions on what cars I should talk about next? Have a good day and be safe

^ this Mustang was driven, tuned, and signed by Carroll Shelby.

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