Maserati Bora

The Maserati Bora was the first Maserati road car with a central mounted engine. The wonderful fastback body of the Bora was designed by the incredible Giorgetto Giugiaro. The Bora is a great looking V8 powered 1970s super car, sadly it is also the slowest 1970s super car. The Bora was developed under full Citroën ownership, the Bora had a Citroën hydraulic system, that was used for the brakes and opening the headlights. The Bora ended Maserati’s reputation for making fast cars. The Bora was the first Maserati to have four wheel independent suspension, Lamborghini used independent suspension in 1964. The Bora clearly had out of date technology, but how bad were the sales? Sales of the Bora suffered from the oil crisis in the mid 1970s. Despite all the flaws that Bora had, it was still an incredible looking super car with only 564 ever made.

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