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You might recognize the C4 as the best Corvette, the worst Corvette, or that car that got melted at the end of ConAir. The Corvette has been around for almost 70 years and out of all the models I happen to favor the 4th generation. In all honesty, I really, really like the C4 Corvette. As you’ve probably figured out from past articles, I love classic European cars. Saying I like a Chevrolet is a bit strange, but I’ll explain.

1982 was a pretty good year. I mean, Rocky III came out. However, the 1982 Corvette (C3) didn’t quite have the “Eye Of The Tiger.” It was slow, way overpriced, and very outdated. Leading to the demise of the Corvette, or at least that’s what we thought would happen. For one whole year… there was no Corvette. 1983 was the first year without a Corvette since its debut. The American sports car market would hardly exist without the ‘vette, so Chevy shifted its focus to bringing their prized machine back from the junkyard. In 1984, when the American car market cried out for help, a hero arose from General Motors. The C4 Corvette paved the future for the worn out sports car, it did it with style and incredible technology. The C4 was really advanced compared to the C3; the driving quality alone was out of this world. The C4 wasn’t a design icon like the C3 before it, but inside the car… that’s a different story. The C4 was made of plastics, not fiberglass like the C3. It also had a whole new chassis. The C4 Corvette introduced the iconic sports car to the modern era instead of the old 70s technology. The C4 also had a transverse leaf spring front suspension instead of the crappy coil springs. The mechanics were a huge step up for Chevy. Throughout the years, the C4 had things like: reclining electric seats, airbags, keyless entry, ABS (anti-lock brake system), exchangeable targa tops, and a digital dashboard straight out of Star Wars. The C4 was instant competition for the Ferrari 308. A Corvette just as good as a Ferrari? That’s just the start. When it comes to the race track, the C4 can be a lethal weapon. But if the base model C4 is a lethal weapon, then the C4 ZR-1 is a nuclear missile.

The year is 1990, you‘re at a Chevrolet dealership. Suddenly the growl of a 5.7 liter LT5 V8 lures you into the showroom. You first lay eyes on the all new Corvette C4 ZR-1. Screw Porsche! Goodyear Eagles and big ole American horsepower, that’s the ZR-1. It forever changed the sports car game. However, it didn’t sell too well. Don’t get me wrong horsepower is great, but the $90,000 price tag will probably change your mind. The ZR-1 is the ultimate Corvette, but no one could afford it.

Sadly, the C4 is often referred to as the “least favorite Corvette” by many Corvette fans. There’s not really a reason for people to hate it, they just do. Lots of people love the C3 and the C5, usually ignoring or even forgetting the C4 middle child. Therefore the prices of C4s are very affordable nowadays. The C4 Corvette is best described as a hidden treasure to the sports car industry. It has perfect performance at an even better price. I have absolutely no clue how someone could not like this car. Its headlights are amazing, Its retro styling is beautiful, its targa top roof is so cool, its loaded with little quirks, its reasonably priced, it has tons of different model options, its problems are easy to fix, the list goes on. I can’t even think of a more underrated car than the C4. In my opinion, when it comes to retro ‘vettes, there can be only one. The C4 Corvette is the true highlander, and no one will ever change my mind.

(Image credit: CorvSport)

(Image credit: CorvSport)

Fun Fact #1:

Lotus helped engineer the C4 ZR-1

(Image credit: CorvSport)

Fun Fact #2: There are 13 different special editions for the C4.

(Image credit: CorvSport)

Since I’m already talking about my opinions in this blog post I might as well share this. The latest Car and Driver referred to “EV haters” and I wanted to get this straight. I’m not necessarily an “EV hater” I’m just not too happy about what they’re doing and how fast they’re doing it. Change is always hard. It doesn’t matter if it’s a good change or a bad change, doing something totally new is just difficult. It’s frighting how fast electric vehicles are changing the automotive world. Out of the blue, it’s time to say goodbye to the combustion engine, and I’m just not ready for the cars I love to disappear. I’m not an EV hater, I’m just scared to face a change this huge.

(Image credit: CorvSport)

The C4 is a gorgeous car!

I hope you enjoyed this article, sorry I don’t post as often anymore. Have a great day and be safe!









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