The DMC 12 Delorean

The Delorean is a very iconic car, but also a hard story to tell, John Delorean was one of the highest paid guys in GM when it all went wrong. John Delorean got fired from GM and he saw it as an opportunity to create the car of his dreams. Designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro the car designer of the century, it seemed like the car was off to a good start. The DMC 12 Delorean looked great but that doesn’t mean the car is great, the Delorean was very badly made, it was built out of stainless steel and the driving feel of the car was awful, but somehow this car is one of the most recognizable cars ever, and probably one of the craziest automotive stories ever. The first Delorean rolled off the production line in January 21, 1981, the car that everyone was waiting for was finally here. There was a waiting list of people anxiously waiting to get the car of their dreams, the production number was way over the sales number, in October of 1981 720 Deloreans were sold, and that was the highest month of sales. The Delorean was not doing good, but instead of reducing production John Delorean decided to double it. By the end of 1981, DMC made 7,500 cars and they only sold 3,000. It was clear that the dream car wasn’t the dream. DMC was struggling financially having only sold 350 cars in January and February of 1982, DMC was placed into receivership. DMC sent messages to all 343 dealerships asking them to each buy 6 cars to help save the company, but none of the dealers responded. By the end of May 1982, all production at the factory was shut down. Bruce McWillams, the VP of marketing for DMC said, “The car could never be sold in the numbers John Delorean predicted.” In October of 1982 John Delorean got a call about an investment opportunity that could save his business, but it was a setup by the FBI, John Delorean who was involved with drug trafficking just got setup by the FBI with 6 million dollars worth of cocaine, yes, the maverick of the automotive industry John Delorean got setup by the FBI. The FBI said that he tried to finance a drug trafficking ring to turn 220 pounds of cocaine into financing for his failing car company. The British government already shut down his plant, it was over for the Delorean. John Delorean got arrested and immediately DMC declared bankruptcy. In 1984 the jury found Delorean innocent of all charges, but it was already over for John Delorean his dreams failed, John Delorean who was once the VP of GM, lost everything. But where the Delorean was going it didn’t need roads. In 1985 the Time traveling Delorean became famous in the movie Back to the Future, although it was too late for DMC Back to the Future made the Delorean the Icon it is today, with gull-wing doors, a 6 million dollar drug bust, and one of the greatest movies of all time, the story of the Delorean is incredible. If you would like to learn more about the Delorean there are a couple good Documentaries I know there is one on Hulu called: Framing John Delorean.

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