The Ferrari SUV

Yes, it’s true, Ferrari the biggest name in the automotive industry is making a SUV. It’s called the Ferrari Purosangue, executives in Maranello are calling it the “FUV” which mean Ferrari Utility Vehicle. I guess thats their way of saying it’s high performance and handles well. A lot of purists are hating this Ferrari, I can understand it is a very big change for the company, but its clearly all about money. SUVs are very popular. From Station wagons to Minivans, and now SUVs car companies seem to stick to the trends and so far Lamborghini has an SUV called the Urus, Bentley has an SUV called the Bentayga, and many other high performance companies are making SUVs. Still something doesn’t sit well to me about Ferrari and SUV, I guess that is why they say FUV. The Purosangue is estimated to cost around $300,000, and so far there are three potential engine options a V8 turbo, a V8 hybrid, and a Naturally aspirated V12. I am not really a fan of the Purosangue and plenty of others agree many companies manufacture SUVs, but Ferrari? Porsche made the Cayenne even though they had hate, and it ended up saving the company. I kinda feel like Porsche started this trend of high performance SUVs, but I’m not sure. Ferrari has made 4 door cars in the past, but this is different, Ferrari is different from many other companies. For starters Ferrari is a very strict company; with used cars it’s no problem, but if you want to buy a brand new Ferrari and Ferrari doesn’t like you then you simply can’t get it. When the Ferrari Enzo came out very few people could buy it, you would have to be approved by Ferrari that is just how they work. Lamborghini makes an SUV so I guess it works for Ferrari too, but something still doesn’t make sense. It is just weird, but Ford made an electric SUV out of the Mustang which doesn’t make much sense. Anyways the car hasn’t came out yet so who knows what could happen. With electric cars being the future the automotive industry is changing. I wonder what other companies might make a high performance SUV. Do you like the Purosangue?

What engine would you like to see in the Purosangue? I hope it’s the V8 hybrid.

What’s your favorite Ferrari? Have a great day!

Make sure to check out my other blogs, I will probably post one every week. Got any suggestions on what car I should talk about next? Do you think there will be an electric option?

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