The most hated 911 ever.

The Porsche 911 had the same styling and was basically the same for years and years until 1998. From 1998 to 2004 came the most hated generation of all 911s, the 996. The Porsche 996 was designed for “the next millennium.” The 996 was not air cooled like all 911s before it, the 996 had a water cooled engine, that did not go well with the Porsche purists. Before the 996 was the Porsche 993, and people loved the 993, the 993 was air cooled and what made it so special was the driving feel. The 996 was very different, something you might recognize from the 996 are the “fried egg” headlights. I actually love these lights and the 996. The 996 was the first 911 that was completely redesigned, it looked new and to some people it looked awful, I’m not one of them. The 996 had a role in Disney’s 2006 movie Cars, playing Sally the Porsche Carrera. Some people said the 911 needed a new design and Porsche delivered. The 996 was 185mm longer and 30mm wider than its predecessor. The 996 still divides opinions today. I really like the 996 and it’s one of my favorite 911s ever.

What should I talk about next. Do you like the 996?

What’s your favorite 911?

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