The rights and the wrongs with the original NSX!

The 1st generation NSX. 1990-2005

Everyone knows the NSX, but is it even worth all the love? Both Honda and Acura sold the NSX. They were basically both the same just a different badge. In February 1989, Honda met up with the 3 time world champion, F1 legend, Ayrton Senna, the greatest racing driver to ever live! Ayrton Senna raced for Honda at the time, so Honda asked Senna if he could test the NSX. Senna was very very unimpressed and he honestly disliked the car. “I’m not sure I can really give you appropriate advice on a mass production car,” said Ayrton Senna, “but it feels a little fragile.” Honda invited Senna to help fine-tune the suspension and chassis. In my opinion the suspension and chassis was the only great part of the NSX. The touch of a master. Ayrton Senna is what made the NSX special. To power the new sports car Honda made an entirely new engine, a 3.0 liter V6 making 270hp. Sadly, the car was very quiet, any Ferrari can easily out-shout this car. The interior was so so boring. Everything was covered in leather, it was so bland and dull. The thing people like about driving Ferraris are that they aren’t practical, they are crazy and fast. There was nothing impractical about the NSX, if you want it to compete with Ferraris then you have to build and think like Ferrari. However there were some cool things. Tuned by Shigeru Uehara, Bobby Rahal, and Ayrton Senna! That was definitely a special achievement. So why would people even buy an NSX? Well, the answer is simple. While Ferrari owners are sitting in a garage waiting for an expensive part that breaks way to easily, NSX owners are out there driving the snot out of there cars! Driving hundreds and thousands of miles! You don’t have to worry about breaking outrageously expensive parts, you can just drive! The NSX is indestructible compared to a Ferrari! That is what makes the NSX great you can just drive, all cars should be that way, but they aren’t. I’m not saying buy a NSX over a Ferrari, but the NSX is definitely the cheaper way to go.

I love the NSX!

If you want to learn more about Ayrton Senna I did write a blog about him

but the best way to learn about Ayrton Senna is the watch the 2011 documentary, Senna.

(my all time favorite movie)







Thanks for reading! Be safe and have a great day!

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