The W16

What do you get when you combine two V8s and four turbo chargers? I know, a staggering amount of horsepower! One of the most impressive engines ever! The W16 took five years of German engineering, and it is phenomenal! Just think about it, two V8s… get it? V+V= W and 8+8= 16. I love that part. Now let’s talk power! The W16 is one of the fastest production engines ever. The W16 is known for making over 1,000hp! Just remember this thing first appeared under the hood of the Bugatti Veyron in 2005. Almost 20 years later and you can still find this engine in Bugattis such as the Chiron and the Bugatti Bolide. The W16 is and will always be thought of as an engineering marvel.

This engine is truly remarkable!

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