What I like about the first Generation MX5 Miata

The MX5 Miata is honestly one of my favorite cars. The 1st generation Miata is an Iconic car, that Inspired all kinds of companies, and brought back tiny little roadsters in America. Without it there would not be a Porsche Boxster, most small affordable sports cars today are because of the Miata. The Miata is a very cool car, and it even landed a role in Disney’s 2006 movie Cars. Probably my favorite thing about the Miata is it’s pop up headlights sometimes called hidden headlights. Pop up headlights are one of my favorite automotive inventions ever made. From super cars in the 70s and 80s to the little Miata in the 90s pop up headlights are amazing, but sadly due to pedestrian safety pop up headlights aren’t on modern cars. The Miata is an incredibly slow car with a 1.6 L inline four making 116 hp. The Miata is very small, but also very light and fun. Another one of my favorite thing about the Miata is how it came in British Racing Green, it’s amazing how a little Japanese car could bring back the need for British sports cars in America. The Miata is a Legendary car and definitely an incredible icon.

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