What is the greatest Ferrari ever made?

I talked about this car before, it’s so perfect I have to write about it again. My all time favorite car, The Ferrari 288 GTO.

Ferrari is one of the greatest auto manufacturers of all time. Ferrari has always been based off of Motorsports, and they always make the most incredible cars, but which car is the best? The Ferrari 288 GTO is often thought of as the father to all super cars. When the 288 GTO released, the performance and power was outrageous. It drove like no other Ferrari before it. A turbo charged V8 making 400bhp going 0-60 in 4.8 second, it was an incredible Italian stallion. It was the first of five halo Ferraris, the 288 GTO paved the way for some of the most incredible Ferraris, like the F40 and the Enzo. The 288 was very different from all the Ferraris before it, it was Ferrari’s very first super car. The 288 GTO started it all, at the time of it‘s release in 1984 it was the fastest road car that Ferrari had ever built, and definitely the most beautiful. GTO is an acronym for the Italian term, Gran Turismo Omologato. Ferrari built the 288 in small amounts just so they could race it in Group B circuit races. Initially, Ferrari intended to rebuild the Ferrari 308 GTB for Group B, but the regulations would not allow them to, so Ferrari built a completely new car. That is why the 288 looks very similar to the Ferrari 308. It was called the 288 because of it‘s 2.8 liter V8 engine. The 288 was made for Group B, but after the death of Henri Toivonen and Sergio Cresto at the Tour de Corse, Group B was ended forever. Initially Ferrari built only 272 road GTOs and an additional 5 GTO Evoluzione for racing, and only 3 Evoluzione GTOs still exist. The last 288 GTO was built for ex-Formula 1 World Champion Niki Lauda in 1986 and it was given to him as a gift, making it the Holy Grail of all 288 GTOs. The 288 GTO‘s interior is very comfortable unlike some Ferraris, The 288 has leather bucket seats which are standard to the car, as well as very nice carpeting standard. Some of the options you could get in the 288 were electronic window, air conditioning, and an AM/FM cassette stereo. The 288 GTO is now worth around 2.2 million due to only 272 road GTOs being made. Not only does the 288 GTO have the best power at the time of its release, it is very comfortable for a 80s Ferrari, and the 288 GTO is one of the most beautiful cars ever made. I believe the 288 is the greatest Ferrari ever made, it was the first Ferrari super car ever and it is extremely beautiful, we can’t forget that it has pop up headlights just like most great cars of the 80s. With twin turbochargers putting out a monstrous output of 400hp. You can’t change my mind, the Ferrari 288 GTO is the greatest Ferrari ever made.

What is your favorite car? Do you think the 288 is the greatest Ferrari?

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