Where is Jim Morrison's Mustang?

Updated: Nov 17

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The music industry is full of strange car stories. There is Paul McCartney’s deadly car crash. Bob Dylan’s mysterious motorcycle accident. Or, my personal favorite, Jim Morrison’s disappearing Ford Mustang. Jim Morrison was a poet and the lead singer of The Doors, one of the most popular bands of all time; influential and insane! They defined the era of psychedelic Rock. The Doors created the vibe that surrounded California in the late 1960s.

The Doors skyrocketed into fame in 1967, after Light My Fire became the number one song in America. Due to its success, Jac Holzman, president of Elektra records, gifted each member of The Doors anything they wanted. Long story short, Jim got his first car. Jim Morrison owned only one car his entire life: a 1967 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500, Nightmist Blue with a 428 cubic inch V8. The GT500 was the real Queen Of The Highway, a stunning car with a strange fate. There were few things Jim Morrison loved more than his GT500, dubbed the “Blue Lady.” Jim Morrison had a special connection to his Mustang, but he drove it hard. I mean hard. The “Blue Lady” went through a lot. Jim Morrison crashed the car many times. Repairs were made constantly. Yet Jim Morrison worshiped the Mustang. Jim Morrison was a unique guy with a notable personality, but it’s still weird how he treated a car he really loved. There are over five known serious accidents. The most famous crash happened on the Sunset Strip Boulevard when a drunk Jim Morrison flew into a street light, pulled himself out of the Shelby, and walked off to the Whiskey A Go Go. This brings me to the first theory on the "Blue Lady"; many believe, Jim Morrison went back for his Mustang and it was just gone. Another popular assumption surrounding the Sunset Strip accident is that Jim Morrison couldn’t remember were he crashed his Shelby. While both of those seem likely, I still feel that Jim Morrison would’ve put in a bit more effort into finding his prized muscle car. A few of Jim Morrison's close friends say the car was totaled, “I saw a picture of that car. Nobody could’ve survived it, and yet he walked away,” said Vince Treanor, manager of the Doors, when recalling the Sunset Strip accident. There isn’t enough evidence to prove anything; there’s no proper timeline of the car, either. The tags expired in 1970 and were never renewed . The most footage available of the car is from Jim Morrison’s movie titled: HWY: An American Pastoral.

Jim Morrison dreamed of being a film maker, so when the opportunity to go into the film industry came, he made sure his Mustang would be the star. Okay, you might be thinking; "Oh, I don't recall seeing Jim Morrison in any movies." That's because I made it seem like more than it is; the opportunity was actually just Jim and some friends filming an hour worth of footage. I’ve seen it; an interesting movie, with very little dialogue. Anyways, The Shelby GT500 was a vital part of the film, therefore the few Shelby theories that took place before it can’t possibly be true. Still, most anything is possible. Jim Morrison was highly intelligent, but did a lot of strange things. Which is pretty obvious due to the fact that more than one of The Doors' songs started with the word "strange". His lifestyle revolved around drugs and alcohol, eventually resulting in the end of his music career. When The Music’s Over, poetry is still an option. In 1971, Jim Morrison moved to France. He spent the remainder of his life evolving his poetry in Paris. A few months after his move to Paris, 27 year old Jim Morrison died of what could’ve been a drug overdose or a heart attack. His cause of death is a mystery. However, many believe his death was a hoax. To this day, both the fates of Jim Morrison and his gorgeous Shelby Mustang are unknown. I’m sure that’s how Jim Morrison would’ve wanted it.

His move to Paris resulted in even more conspiracy theories. What seems to be the most famous conclusion is that Jim Morrison left the Shelby at the LAX airport, it was then towed off and sold at an auction. Supposedly, the car saw more collisions since then, and was unfortunately crushed in the 1980s. Despite the convincing suspicions, there are still tons of people constantly on the hunt for Morrison’s Mustang; a few have gotten relatively close. While fans of The Doors and car hunters are almost positive the car is “around”, Jim Morrison’s friend, Tony Funches, says the car didn’t make it out of the 60s. A rather common, but not very convincing theory is that Jim’s Shelby has been kept in storage somewhere in Arizona for decades. The resting place of the “Blue Lady” is one of the biggest automotive mysteries. Personally, I believe and hope that it’s gone. It was Jim Morrison’s car and few people deserve to sit in his seat.

(Image credit: HWY: An American Pastoral)

Fun Fact #1:

Jim Morrison called himself the “Lizard King.”Some say he believed he could control lizards with his mind. “I am the Lizard King. I can do anything.” - Jim Morrison

Jim Morrison was a drug addict and an intense alcoholic, but he was also a genius. According to The Washington Post, Jim Morrison had an IQ of 149; this intelligence is well represented in his poetry. Jim was a unique and mysterious person, who wrote all sorts of illusive lyrics throughout his unmatched career with The Doors. When hearing their work you instantly get the sense that the words of Jim Morrison are imortal; his careful way of speaking puts you in a trance. Jim led as the frontman of The Doors from 1965 to 1971, gifting the world with unbelievable recordings. The Doors had many mind-blowing songs such as: "Break On Through", "Take It As It Comes", "Strange Days", and "The Soft Parade". Their musical genre ranges from late 60s Psychedelic Rock to the Bluesy Rock similar to The Rolling Stones. The studio albums sound great and the live recordings are even better. I highly suggest listening to them; I did while writing this.

(Image credit: HWY: An American Pastoral)

Fun Fact #2:

According to Marti Reports only 47 Ford cars had Nightmist Blue paint color and Parchment interior. Jim Morrison's Mustang was one of them.

(Image credit: HWY: An American Pastoral)

What’s your favorite song by The Doors? Feel free to comment.

My favorite has got to be the live performances of Someday Soon.







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