Why I hate the McLaren Senna

Why I hate the Mclaren Senna… or at least the name. The Mclaren Senna is a hyper car built like a track car, but made for the road. The car has impressive performance, but that’s it. The car is not pretty, yet it holds the name of the 3 time world champion. The name, the name is more important too motorsports than the car will ever be. Ayrton Senna might just be the greatest racing driver to ever live. Most F1 drivers say he is the best, but some people only say that because he died on the track. I believe he truly was the best. His driving technique was out of this world! Unlike any driver ever! He had crazy talent. He was born to win. I don’t think of the car as a tribute to the F1 driver, but more of competition for the name. Some people know the Mclaren Senna, yet they don’t know Ayrton Senna. Ayrton Senna was bigger than the car, but people don’t acknowledge the name for what it is. Senna was too great for this car. I’m sure having a hyper car named after you must be an honor, but not if people know the car and don’t even know you. I mean no offense if you like this car. If you love the car and don’t know Ayrton Senna, that just proves that this car isn’t a tribute. Ayrton Senna was more related to the NSX then the McLaren Senna. No matter how great the car is, It doesn’t deserve its name.

Ayrton Senna drove Monaco one handed, and the McLaren Senna? The McLaren Senna is nothing compared to Ayrton Senna.

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