Yellow Bird!

You won’t find this bird in your backyard!

In 1987, Road & Track magazine held a test on a 15 mile oval, to find the world‘s fastest car. most of these cars could get up to 200mph, but that was it. Except for one. The RUF CTR, better known as the Yellow bird! This car might look like a Porsche 911, but it’s not. RUF started as a Porsche tuning company, but very quickly RUF began producing their own cars. Porsche sent the chassis and extra parts, and RUF did the rest. Oh and yes, you pronounce RUF like “roof” as in the top of a building. This RUF CTR got the name yellow bird, because that’s exactly what it looked like flying around the track, a bright yellow bird! Under the hood you will find a 3.4 liter flat 6 that cranks out around 470 horse power! Only weighing 2,530 pounds, this RUF can achieve a top speed of 213mph, but Road & Track only got it up to 211. This bird is an apex predator, I’m talking top of the food chain! This particular Yellow bird was built only 1 week before the famous Road & Track experiment. The Nürburgring, nicknamed the “Green Hell,”obviously implies that it is not an easy track to conquer. Yet the marvelous Yellow Bird made an astonishing time of 8 minutes! Thats a record breaking time, and guess what? The driver didn’t even wear a racing suit or helmet! It was simply for fun! This car is godly! A greater top speed than the Porsche 959 and the Ferrari F40, an incredible lap around the world’s most iconic track, and it was built by hand in a small garage! This eye-catching work of art could do all that in 1987! 1987! 211mph in 1987! That‘s insane! The RUF CTR Yellowbird is one of the greatest cars ever to come out of Germany, and those who dare to put this car to it‘s limits must be fearless!

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